Ambassador Program Contract

Fairview Ambassador Contract

Below is a contract for Fairview Ambassadors and their parents to review, sign, and follow. These guidelines are designed to ensure that Ambassadors fulfill their obligations and represent Fairview Elementary in a way in which we can all be proud. Any violations of these guidelines could lead to dismissal from the program. Ambassadors are expected to be role models of the RISE expectations.

  1. Ambassadors will arrive to their duties with smiles on their faces, kindness in their hearts, and an eagerness to assist those around them in any way that presents itself. Ambassadors may be faced with challenging situations when carrying out their duties. They are expected to use their best judgment in the moment and then to keep the Mrs. Katie aware of any major difficulties.

  2. It is a privilege to be a Fairview Ambassador. Ambassadors’ behavior will be exemplary. Any Ambassador who receives a major discipline referral to the office will be removed from Ambassadors. Additionally, if an Ambassador receives more than one minor referral will be removed from the Ambassador program.  

  3. Parents are asked to encourage their Ambassadors to behave responsibly. This involves being on time, coaching them on how to behave in certain situations, and encouraging their Ambassadors to seek counsel from Mrs. Katie if a difficult situation arises. 

  4. Every Ambassador will do his or her best in each subject area. If teachers report a lack of effort on the Ambassadors part to complete school work to the best of their ability can result in termination of Ambassador status. This is not intended as a punishment – we simply don’t want to distract any child from his/her educational goals. 

  5. Ambassadors will arrive to all of their assigned duties and be on time. If the Ambassador is sick, then he/she will be excused. Parents are responsible for informing Mrs. Katie of changes to your student’s normal schedule. If you forget, and your Ambassador is scheduled, he/she will be responsible for finding a replacement. Again, please let Mrs. Katie know ahead-of-time of any changes to your child’s normal schedule.

  6. Ambassadors will have simple uniforms (vests). These uniforms are to be treated well. If an Ambassador loses or doesn’t take good care of the uniform, that ambassador will be asked to be responsible for replacing the item. They are vests bought by PTA and should remain at the school at all times.

This is an exciting program – our Ambassadors can improve our school environment; reach out to assist individual students, staff, and visitors in a myriad of ways; and strengthen their own character each day! It is a privilege to be a Fairview Ambassador, and there are consequences to an Ambassador’s actions. We are excited that you want to join the Fairview Ambassadors!

Note to parents of potential Fairview Ambassadors: The Ambassador program is a wonderful opportunity for your child to exercise independence and demonstrate responsibility. This is not the proper venue for your child to learn how to be responsible. You know your child better than any of us here at school. Please only encourage your child to apply to be an ambassador if you believe that he or she is prepared to undertake this responsibility. An ambassador is required to arrive for his or her duty promptly at 7:30 a.m. We ask that you, as a parent, commit to getting him or her to school on time to start duties when school begins. If you can’t commit to getting your child here in the mornings, consider using the bus, or only signing your child up for afternoon duties. Please consider this carefully before filling out the schedule portion of the application.