Destination Imagination

All face to face club activities have been temporarily suspended due to COVID-19.  However, some clubs may choose to meet virtually.  Please continue to check our school website and your email for more information on virtual clubs and activities for the 2020-2021 school year.

DESTINATION IMAGINATION is a non-profit, volunteer led, cause driven organization whose purpose is to inspire & equip students to become the next generation of innovators and leaders.  Fairview is usually the best represented school at the DI State Competitions. Many of our students in past years have enriched their school year by participating in this opportunity. 

DI is an afterschool activity that is managed by parent volunteers; therefore, we are also looking for parents who would enjoy the challenge of working with their child's team. Training for coaches is available. Volunteers are required to have a background check.

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FES DI Coordinator: Melissa Spruill,

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HISTORY Putting the “A” in “STEAM” for more than 20 years.

Destination Imagination (DI) was founded in 1999. Our non-profit organization continues to grow with the support of 38,000 volunteers throughout 30 countries. DI has impacted more than one million participants with the purpose to inspire and equip students with invaluable 21st century skills, creative outlets and the confidence needed to succeed in school, career and beyond.


To engage participants in project-based challenges that are designed to build confidence and develop extraordinary creativity, critical thinking, communication, and teamwork skills.

DI Principles

Fun learning: Explore STEM/STEAM concepts in a hands-on environment

Creative problem solving: Learn how to think, not what to think

Kid powered; team driven: Energize students to own all decisions, creations, & results

Friendly competition: Motivate teams to reach for the stars, and root for each other

Global diversity: Encourage & celebrate differences in each other, and different ideas


THE CREATIVE PROCESS:  Destination Imagination participants experience these components of the creative process while solving challenges.

– Becoming aware of the Challenge
– Gaining an in-depth understanding of the Challenge

– Generating ideas with team members
– Focusing on promising ideas
– Creating a project timeline

– Researching, exploring and experimenting
– Committing to options; building and completing all requirements

– Assessing progress; reworking or reimagining ideas
– Practicing presenting the solution

– Presenting at a tournament
– Reflecting on and celebrating the experience