Destination Imagination

This year "Odyssey of the Mind" will change to "Destination Imagination", but in many ways, it is the same type of after school creative problem solving activity for students around the world. Fairview has participated in and sent many of our former OM teams to state and world OM competitions for close to 25 years, and the decision to make a switch to Destination Imagination has been made after careful thought and research. 
"DI", as it is called, was formed in 1999, and is almost a mirror image of "OM". After much consideration involving our returning coaches, parents, and principal, Mrs Reed, I feel that this program will suit our school better due to the following reasons:
- IT'S CLOSER TO HOME: the first competition for DI is a state tournament which is held locally at Blue Ridge Community College each year, as opposed to OM, where the state competition is in a different part of NC, ranging from Western, to Central, to Eastern North Carolina. OM state competitions require the families of each team member to travel and pay for their own hotel and fuel expenses, which can be quite costly.
- MORE TIME TO PREPARE: DI doesn't have regional tournaments, therefore all teams go directly to a state competition, where they have until the end of March to prepare. In OM, the first competition date is in February, which is a shorter amount of time to solve, create, prepare, practice and polish solutions and performances.
LESS LOCAL COMPETITION: DI is just beginning to grow in Western North Carolina, therefore our younger students in elementary school can grow with the program and have less teams to initially compete against.
GLOBAL FINALS ARE CLOSER: DI's international tournaments have always been held at the University of Tennessee, which is much closer than OM's world tournaments, which are held in Michigan, Colorado, Ohio, or other locations that are very costly for those qualifying to attend (that's lots fund raising and doughnut sales). Young people from around the world attend these 4 day events, and even if our teams do not qualify, it is a short trip to Knoxville to attend if they'd like to.
We are always looking for parents who would like to assist our large number of club members in many different ways. 
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