2019-2020 FES Family Engagement Policy


Fairview Elementary School

Title I Parent Involvement Policy




Fairview Elementary faculty and staff believe that the education of all children is a cooperative effort between parents and school. We strongly believe that parent involvement improves educational achievement for all students in our school. The Fairview Elementary staff is committed to involving parents in a variety of activities throughout the school year.


Title I is a federally funded program which provides for many school-wide initiatives. These initiatives include subscriptions to online supplemental programs and supplemental teacher materials including Fundations Phonics for kindergarten through second grades. Title I also funds professional development for school instructional staff, parent involvement events, and LAUNCH small reading groups, which are designed to meet each child’s unique reading needs. The School Improvement Team (SIT), which has four parent representatives, has the decision-making authority for spending Title I funds.


Our Title I Reading Specialist will have an annual meeting for parents during our Open House events. This presentation will inform parents of the purpose of Title I, programs it provides for our students, as well as the ways our Title I funds are spent. At this time, we will also outline the school year in terms of opportunities for parent involvement. Additionally, parents will be notified of the purpose for the Title I Compact, which represents the partnership among parents, staff and students.


Throughout the year there will be various opportunities for parental involvement. Parents are always welcome to volunteer in our classrooms. Upon parent request, the Title I Reading Specialist will also consult with the parents of students who are served directly by our Title I staff. An educational program has been planned for each of these students.


The overall goal of Fairview Elementary School’s Title I program is to promote partnerships that will increase parental involvement in fostering the social, emotional, and academic growth of our children.



Our Purpose Statement:

Grow every child every day.


Our Direction Statement:

Provide learning experiences that promote creativity, collaboration, curiosity and critical thinking, equipping students to successfully and responsibly navigate an ever-changing world.