2018-2019 FES Home Compact

Fairview Elementary

Title 1 Compact  2018-2019

Launching the Next Generation of Lifetime Learners

Student name: ______________________________(printed) Grade ____

Teacher _____________________________


Student Goals

  • I will do my part to attend school regularly and be on time.

  • I will come prepared each day (supplies, books, completed work).

  • I will ask for help when I don’t understand something.

  • I will discuss with my parents what I am learning about in school and give my parents all graded work and other information from school in Freddy’s Friday Folder.

  • I will complete my nightly reading assignment and be mindful of the amount of television and video games I watch on school nights.

  • I will meet RISE expectations. (RESPECT, INTEGRITY, SELF-CONTROL, EFFORT.)

Student Signature______________________________________Date _________

Parent Goals

  • I will ensure that my child attends school and is on time.

  • I will provide enough time and an environment at home that allows my child to complete school work and/or study.

  • I will monitor my child’s homework and make sure it is complete each night.

  • I will check Freddy’s Friday Folder for assignments and completed work  and sign it each week.

  • I will be mindful of the amount of television and video games my child watches on school nights.

  • I will ask my child questions about the books he/she reads daily.

  • I will encourage my child to do his/her best work and to ask for help when he/she doesn’t understand.

  • I will be aware of my child’s progress by attending conferences and requested meetings.

  • I will support RISE behavior expectations (see student section above).

  • I will collaborate with teachers, school administration and other relevant school staff to ensure that my child is reaching academic and personal growth goals.


Parent Signature______________________________________Date __________

Teacher Goals

FOCUS Goal for 18-19 School year: I will collaborate with my colleagues on a regular basis to ensure high levels of learning for each student.  

  • I will promote positive behavior by giving specific verbal praise to students when I see them meeting RISE expectations.

  • I will promote student success by providing a positive learning environment that builds each child’s self-esteem.

  • I will maintain high expectations for myself and my students in academics and actions.

  • I will provide opportunities for parents and guardians to volunteer in my classroom.

  • I will communicate and work with families to support student learning through conferences, phones calls, email, monthly newsletters, and Freddy’s Friday Folder.

  • I will show respect to parents and guardians, realizing each family situation is unique.

  • I will meet with each student regularly to help set personal reading goal(s).

  • I will collaborate with colleagues regularly to provide instruction to students based on relevant and current data.

  • I will update assignment grades regularly in PowerSchool for students in 1st-5th grades.

Teacher Signature______________________________________Date _________

School Goals:

FOCUS Goal: Our school will increase reading performance in Kindergarten through 5th grade by providing rigorous instruction focused on state standards, improving the function of Professional Learning Communities, and providing relevant professional development to teachers.

  • Our school will work to create a safe environment for all students.

  • Our school will provide opportunities for teacher conferences as needed with a minimum of two per year.

  • Our school will provide parents with regular reports on their child’s progress, including mClass Reading 3D for students in Kindergarten-3rd grade, midterm progress reports and report cards for students in 1st-5th grades, and IEP Progress Reports for all Special Education students.

  • Our school will provide opportunities to families and community members to volunteer.

  • Our school will continue to support the use of technology in all areas of curriculum and instruction.

  • Our school will provide high-quality curriculum and instruction in a supportive and effective learning environment that enables students to meet Buncombe County Schools’ high academic achievement standards.

  • Our school will provide opportunities for parents to be involved in decision making processes through School Improvement Team meetings, Advisory Council meetings, and PTA parent meetings. These meetings will be held at the school on various days and times to meet the needs of our parents.

Principal Signature_____________________________________Date __________

Title 1 Lead Teacher Signature ______________________________Date _______