October 2018 Minutes

SIT Agenda



Principal: Angie Jackson (absent)

Assistant Principal: Jamie Slagle (absent)

Administrative intern: Ben Jackson (here)

Kindergarten: Caitlin Sullivan* (here)

First: Karen Pugh (here)

Second: Jennifer Gortney (here)

Third: Tony Horning (here)

Fourth: Katie Manley (here)

Fifth: Emily Fagan (here)

Instructional Support: Dana Satterfield (absent)


Specialists: Cheryl Lewis (here)

Curriculum: Christen Davidson (here)

Counselor: Katie Wohlford (here)

Media: Karen Yutzy (here)

Title 1: Debbie Wood (here)

SPED: Lynne Getty (here)


Erin Wilkinson (here)

Cristy Brunner (here)

Andi Elliot (here)

Claire Najim (here)

*Chair: Caitlin Sullivan Co-Chair: Karen Yutzy Secretary: Katie Wohlford Timekeeper: Christen Davidson


Good News:

  • Media center makeover is underway and is coming along nicely.
  • 4th grade went to Blue Ridge Assembly and it was a great experience.



(item and time)

Relevant data,

information, discussion

Outcome and Action

Does it affect the whole school?

Does it impact our school improvement goals?

Old Business

SIT Bylaws



(2 minutes)


The team reviewed the bylaws. It was highlighted that our bylaws inform us to be a united front - so that decisions we make as a SIT team, we support outside the team.

Make sure items developed with your grade level teams are related to our School Improvement Plan.





Action(s) Required:




Reflection of Open House



(8 minutes)

Open House Reflections




Action(s) Required:



Imagine Learning Usage/Data

(10 minutes)


Imagine Learning: Celebrations and Struggles






Action(s) Required:

Take the data back to your teams. If there are obstacles to using the program, send those issues to CLT and they will support you.


Logistics for Fall in Love Literacy Mornings

(10 minutes)


*Parents will be welcome to come in from 7:30-8:30 to join their student and focus on a book chosen by grade level.

*All staff will park in the gravel lot before 7:15.

*Food tables with light refreshments will be set up at the end of each hallway with a staff member to greet parents

*We will encourage students to get breakfast from the cafeteria before going down

*February 26th would be K, 2nd and 4th grades

*February 27th would be 1st, 3rd and 5th grades

*The goal is that the students are doing work with the book both at home and at school so parents are seeing the application of reading the book and comprehension focus

*Parents will be dropping in and out so have a way to showcase the work you have done with the book. Parents and student could visit just homeroom class or they could visit multiple classrooms. This is up to the grade level to plan and communicate to their parents and literacy team members will be working with grade levels to prepare.

*Grade levels need to create some sort of resource or flyer for parents to take with them to reference at home when reading with their child.

*4th grade may take children to block classes as soon as parents have completed the activities on the 26th

*Book Fair will be open all day in the theater for parents to shop before or after they leave their child’s classroom

*Thought for Connect Team members (and any others not involved already) to have interactions with kids whose parent cannot attend.




The items to the left were suggested and discussed. The decision will be made with a SIT email vote.

Action(s) Required:

Once SIT members get options by email from CLT, then we should talk with our grade level and vote before next SIT. The vote will also be by email.


New Business

Conference Night Logistics

(10 minutes)


October 30th, from 2:30-6:00. Every certified teacher stays until 6:00.

*Logistics for the night- Admin and Christen will hold parents by the office until it is time for their conference and then they will be sent down. Admin/Christen will highlight parent names that show up and get parents to sign-in for documentation purposes.

*We will remind parents that Block teachers are in the media center to drop in about those classes.

*If parents are not signing up for face-to-face conferences you can use this time to have phone conferences in between scheduled times. Send home PEP for signature.

*Teachers need to keep documentation of how many face-to-face conferences were scheduled, phone conferences and how many showed up (This information will help us determine effectiveness of night.)

*All conferences must end at 6pm and an announcement will be made.

*EC would also have parent conferences (non IEP).

*Admin and Christen will gather data at the office of who comes to conference meetings by highlighting schedules.

*Debbie wants us to give copies of handouts to her. She will make gradel level sign in sheets for the office.



Action(s) Required:

Teachers turn in conference times to the office by Oct 29th.


Teachers display the schedule outside their doors on the 30th.


Agenda items for next meeting:



Adjournment:  SIT member motioned to adjourn at 3:30. All approved.