The Heating Song - Mr. Parr 
Water and Fire - How the sun's energy impacts the processes of the water cycle. Printable diagram.
The Transfer of Heat Energy - from the National Weather Service
Heat Transfer - WISC video. Good introduction.
Heat - Expansion and Contraction
Heat - Bill Nye video
Heat Transfer - You Tube animation
Explore the different means of heat transfer.  
Heat, Temperature, and Energy - You Tube video Part I
Eureka Videos
From Hot to Cold - Song about heat transfer
Heat and Temperature Game 
Convection Current - You Tube - aquarium 
Convection Current - using four bottles 
Investigating Heat Transfers - Power Sleuth (Teacher Lessons) 
Animations - For teacher use
Heat Transfer - Study Jams video

Arctic Ocean – Conductors and Insulators - Learn about the properties of conductors and insulators.

Underwater City - Learn about conductors of heat by going underwater with John and Jessi.

Loch Ness – Heating and Cooling of Solids and Liquids

Titanic Shipwreck – How Does Heat Travel? - Stay warm in the water while exploring the shipwreck.