Force and Motion

Lessons and Text
Force and Motion - Read the entire Science A-Z book here.
Feel the Force - Six facts about force and motion 
Flocabulary - Force and Motion 
Vocabulary - Read-aloud option 
Balanced Forces - One diagram 
Pushes and Pulls - Interactive 
Forces and Movement - Interactive
Forces in Action - Interactive 
Forces in Action - Text includes gravity, mass and weight, balanced and unbalanced forces
Forces -  Be sure to click the MORE button in the bottom left corner of each page.
Explaining Motion - Continued 
Energy and Change - Simulation 
Friction - Interactive 
Friction – Simulation – You set the speed and road condition
Gravity - I Know That science lab 
Forces of Gravity and Air Resistance - A self-paced activity
Newton's Laws of  Motion 
How Newton's Laws of Motion Work - Several pages to read. 
Newton's Laws - Chapter by chapter 
Mumble Man - Learn about the laws of motion from a guy who mumbles!
Newton's 1st Law - Short animation
Newton's 2nd Law - Short animation
Newton's 2nd Law - School Physics 
Ball Race - See the effects of mass and acceleration in this experiment (Newton's Second Law).
Newton's Third Law - Who will win - Newton or the elephant?
Graphic Organizer - Printable 
E- Learning Activities 
Alexandrian Lighthouse - What is a Force? 
Atlantis - Join John and Joe and experiment with force 
Penguins - What is Motion?
Pizza Restaurant - Join Tony as he discovers the effects of forces on objects 
Pirates - Forces Around Us. Learn about air resistance, friction, and gravity.
Bay of Whales - Study the speed of animals with Amelia.
Force and Motion - Study Jams 
Bill Nye - Motion 
Bill Nye - Gravity 
Bill Nye - Friction  
Bill Nye - Inertia 
Bill Nye - Remembering Newton's Laws of Motion 
Mass vs Weight - Introduction
Newton's First Law - Study Jams 
Newton's Second Law - Study Jams  
Newton's Third Law - Study Jams 
MSB Gravity Video Worksheet - Use with movie
Inertia - Eureka! 
Mass - Eureka!
Weight vs Mass - Eureka!
Gravity - Eureka!
Physics and Sports
Simulations, Activities, and Games 
Move Our Principal - Interactive 
Coin Tower - Inertia activity
Inseparable Books - Friction activity 
Tower of Coins - Inertia activity 
Virtual Balloon Cars - Interactive activity 
Simulations - PHET 
Newton's Cannon on a Mountain - Gravity activity - Try to get the cannon to travel all the way around the earth.
Build a Luge Track - build a simulated luge track and make predictions about the impact of surface type, wind resistance, size of slope and shape of luge on their track
Gravity Launch – Lesson Plan
Motion Song - Mr. Parr 
Friction - Mr. Parr