Rejzer, Bryan (4th Grade)

Welcome to Mr. Rejzer's Classroom

Bryan Rejzer

  Mr. Bryan Rejzer
Fairview Elementary School
Hello Parents, Students, and Family Members,
My name is Bryan Rejzer. I grew up in northwest Pennsylvania and attended Edinboro University of Pennsylvania. I have a dual major Bachelor's Degree in Elementary/ Special Education. I also have my National Board Certification.  I have been teaching elementary students since 1999! I started teaching in Charlotte, NC and have been teaching in Buncombe county since 2005. I am married and have 2 wonderful boys. I am also a huge Pittsburgh Steelers fan! I look forward to my next class at Fairview!

What professional training and educational background have you had?
I have a dual major Bachelor's Degree in Elementary/ Special Education. I also have my National Board Certification.
What makes Fairview such a special place to teach?
Fairview is a great place to teach because of the fantastic community and supportive and caring staff.

What do you like most about teaching at Fairview?
The best part about teaching at Fairview is the people and students. We all have the same goal. We want our students to be successful and grow as learners. Everyone is willing to share ideas and help out as much as possible.
How would you describe your classroom?
My classroom is a place where students can be confident to take risks and not be afraid to make mistakes. My classroom is a place where we work together to help each other learn and explore our ideas.
What authors or books inspire you as a teacher?
I have always been a fan of Dr. Seuss books. The pure enjoyment of reading those books inspire me to make my classroom an environment where we can have fun while learning.

What is your favorite quote about education, children and/or learning?
It is more of a favorite idea. The idea of  "It takes a village" is very true at our school. Our students work with so many different teachers that we all play an active role in their learning, not just in our own classroom.

For which classroom projects/events are you known?
We are known in 4th grade for our N.C. lighthouse project that incorporates research, note taking, art, design, writing, public speaking, and technology.
How does Fairview create 21st century learners who collaborate with others and have a true passion for learning?
Our classrooms and curriculum is designed to allow unlimited opportunities for students to work together as a class, with other classes, in small groups, or with partners. We encourage students to take responsibility for their own learning and develop a love of learning for themselves.
In what ways can parents take an active role in your classroom and in their child's learning?
Parents can make sure to take an active role in supporting their students at home by simply talking to them about their day and by looking over/ helping their children with homework. There are also many volunteer opportunities throughout the year in the school and the classroom that parents can participate in.
Is there anything else you would like to share about your classroom?
My goal is to make my classroom a place where students feel safe and confident to participate, and provide an atmosphere that allows them to always do their best!