Kindergarten Registration 2020-2021

Kindergarten Registration for Fall 2020
Posted on 04/17/2020

2020-2021 Kindergarten Registration is still happening but will be a bit different this year. 

Please direct all questions to

Step 1 - Please go ONLINE and enroll your student now. 



Step 2 - Gather the following documents then email them to - our Data Manager, Michelle Haney at   

Immunization Records and the NC Health Assessment may be delayed due to the current COVID-19 crisis.  These can be sent at a later date .      

  1. Photo identification of parent/legal guardian (this is very important to email as this will be proof you are the parent/guardian)
  2. Proof of guardianship – this can be birth certificate, divorce papers, social services paperwork, or paperwork signed by a judge awarding custody.  Custody paperwork authorized by a judge or Social Services/foster care placement paperwork is required for all children not living with their natural parent.
  3. *Two proofs of residency in the Fairview school district are required and must be in the name of the parent/legal guardian. (Students cannot enroll without this. - Proof of Residence must be for the CURRENT year therefore older siblings Proof of Residence is not valid.  It must be a CURRENT Utility bill and a CURRENT Mortgage statement.  The only exception is rental agreements.)
    a. One must be a current utility bill (Electric bill, Gas bill or Water bill)
    b. One must be a current document regarding the ownership of the home, such as: Mortgage statement, Rental/lease agreement, Deed, Buyer’s agreement with a closing date listed (after closing the parent/guardian may be required to provide a mortgage/lease statement), Homeowner’s/renter’s insurance policy.
    *If the parent/legal guardian is not the homeowner, a Residency Statement (provided by the school) must be completed by the parent/legal guardian AND the homeowner. The homeowner will present required residency proof to school officials. 
    (Please call Michelle Haney at 828-628-2732 if you have any questions regarding your required two proofs of residency.)
  4. Certified Birth Certificate (the hospital or mother’s copy is NOT acceptable).
  5. Copy of up to date immunization record – if your child is not immunized you will need to speak with our school nurse.  She will be available on registration day. - (May be Delayed due to COVID-19) 
  6. NC Health Assessment-  completed by child's doctor (May be Delayed due to COVID-19)