Playground Renovation

The Fairview Elementary School

Field of Dreams - Playground Renovation 

You can view our plan for the FES Playground here.

Statement of Need

In an ideal world, a playground would be something every child, regardless of physical ability, could take for granted.  Unfortunately, that is simply not the case.  Despite the fact that Fairview Elementary School meets all legal requirements for ADA accessibility, the primary playground has not been accessible to children in wheelchairs, who use supportive walking devices, or who have generalized mobility issues.  That means that, every year, there are children at our school who cannot go outside onto the big playground to play with their peers.  Starting in 2013, the community at Fairview Elementary School has been rallying to change things for the better.  The playground being built at Fairview will be more than accessible; it will be a Field of Dreams.  It will have a barrier free, inclusive area that will encourage interactive play among students of all abilities.  It will offer a space that allows all children to experience the thrill and escape of physical play.  And, it will foster relationships among all students while providing a non-discriminative, all-inclusive environment, because that's what every child deserves. 


You can help make this happen and leave a lasting legacy by donating a personalized brick which will be part of the entrance pathway.


What is inclusion? Kids Included Together, Inc. puts forth this definition:

Inclusion is

·      An attitude, not a program.

·      A right, not a favor.

·      A sense of belonging · being part of a community · and being valued and respected as a contributing member.

·      Accepting differences and responding to individual needs.

·      Giving children permission to be themselves.

·      Facilitating positive interaction.

·      Allowing for choices, and giving a sense of freedom.

·      Offering opportunities and rewards for children with and without disabilities.


Landscape Structures Inclusive Play Online Brochure


Beyond Inclusivity

Despite the fact that Fairview is a community with a history sown into its very soil, there is no centralized greenspace that is used by the community.  The Field of Dreams is intended to be something that our entire community would be proud of and something that will be well utilized.   There are many members of our community at large who would benefit by an easy place to walk or by a beautiful spot to spend time with their families.  We firmly believe that children are not the only ones that can experience the thrill of play or who can learn profound lessons of non-discrimination, acceptance, and relationship building on a playground.  While we recognize it is ultimately up to each individual what they will take away from this legacy, there is no possibility of finding out if we don’t turn the dream into a reality.



The Plan:

Phase I – Leveling the Playing Field

Status: Fundraising complete  

Timeframe: Work completed by December 2015

1. Research and preparation:

      Ø  Completed architectural design by Mary Weber

      Ø  Construction drawings underway by John Garner, senior engineer at Bunnell-Lammons Engineering, Inc.

2. Work done by volunteers:

      Ø  Taking down and hauling away some of the existing play structures

      Ø  Resurfacing existing blacktop and painting four-square area (Lowes Home Improvement volunteers

3. Work done by T&K Utilities and affiliates and Buncombe County Schools:

      Ø  Extensive grading of almost the entire greenspace

      Ø  Reseeding exposed area

      Ø  Construction of ¾ of a mile of ADA compliant paved pathway

      Ø  Construction of concrete ramp going into future barrier free area

      Ø  Construction of retaining wall at entrance to playground


Phase II – Sliding into Home

Status: Actively fundraising

Timeframe: December 2015-August 2016

1. Research and preparation:

      Ø  Met with multiple companies specializing in inclusive play equipment including Landscape Structures and Playworld Systems.

      Ø  Researched barrier free surfacing options, cost, and maintenance.

2. Work to be done by volunteers:

      Ø  Site clearing and preparation for poured surfacing

      Ø  Landscaping and planting up to and around the barrier free area

3. Work to be done by paid professionals:

      Ø  Installation of new, inclusive equipment

      Ø  Installation of poured-in-place barrier free surfacing


Phase III – Swinging for the Fences, Phase IV – 7th Inning Stretch, Phase V – Homerun!

Status: researching

Timeline: August 2016 and beyond


1. Research and preparation:

      Ø  Planned for sensory stimulation stationed along pathway and through Field of Dreams including a rain garden, a sound garden          and a stage.

      Ø  Received information on durable outdoor permanent musical instruments.

2. Work done by volunteers:

      Ø  Site preparation

      Ø  More landscaping and final planting

      Ø  Installation of small wooden bridges

      Ø  Installation of sound garden equipment

      Ø  Help in construction of the stage

3. Work done by paid professionals:

      Ø  Installation of hill slides

      Ø  Drainage for rain garden

      Ø  Stage construction per county regulations


With Sincere Gratitude…

The FES Field of Dreams

would not be possible without the financial and logistical support of

Mary Weber Landscape Architecture, Bunnell-Lammons Engineering, Ellum Engineering, T&K Utilities, K-Wall, McAbee Land Surveying, J.L.S. Paving, REACH Animal Emergency & Specialty Hospital, The McClure Foundation, TNT, The Glass Foundation, Imladris Farms, Ferguson, Waterworks, Material Sales, Eden Brothers, High Country Truck and Van, The Garden Spot, Hickory Nut Gap Farm, Buncombe County Schools, The John Michael Hale Foundation, Lowe’s Store 617, Caterpillar Inc., Flip Fest Gymnastics Camp, The Fairview Farmer’s Market, The Fairview Town Crier, The FES PTA, and Several Anonymous Donors.


Of Special Note…

As you may have noticed, one of the large oak trees on the playground had to come down due to significant deterioration in the trunk.  Please know that the wood of that tree is being given back to our community through the kindness and hard work of the Firewood Ministry of Trinity of Fairview.  The tree has been cut up and hauled away by volunteers who will deliver it to families in need this winter.


How You Can Help:

1.     Join the playground committee.  If you are committed to seeing this playground become a reality and are willing to attend periodic meetings, please join the playground committee.  Email

2.     Sign up as a volunteer.  Add your name to the list of people who would be willing to volunteer time for labor or fundraising activities. 

3.     Donate materials or services.  Please contact us for a list of much needed materials.  In-kind professional service donations are being sought in the areas of landscaping, construction, and web design.  Please email or call the school directly (828) 628-2732.

4.     Help raise funds.  If you know of any foundations, corporations, or individuals who might be interested in making contributions to this project, please contact Jill Frayne at  All donations made out to FES PTA with “Playground” in the memo line will go directly to the playground and will be fully tax deductible.  

Together, we can get this done.

Let’s give Fairview a chance to play together!


Pie Wars Final from Karen Yutzy on Vimeo



Please contact the playground committee at if you have any questions or if you have specialized construction related services you may want to donate.

We thank you so much for your help on getting the word out and making our school even more amazing!!!