FES Direction and Purpose Statements

Fairview Elementary Direction and Purpose Statements

Fairview Elementary Direction Statement

At FES, we provide learning experiences that promote creativity, collaboration, curiosity and critical thinking, equipping students to successfully and responsibly navigate an ever-changing world.

Fairview Elementary Purpose Statement

Grow every child every day.

Fairview Elementary Belief Statments

 We believe…
1. Student needs come first.
2. Students excel in a safe school setting. 
3. Parents and community members enhance our ability to meet student needs. 
4. Students need a nurturing environment where they feel free to take risks.
5. Our PBIS program cultivates community, responsibility and happiness.
6. Our students have diverse academic, social and emotional needs. 
7. Professional collaboration using assessment data will help our students grow.
8. Rigorous and enriching learning experiences happen through a variety of instructional approaches.
9.Effective use of technology enhances and accelerates student learning and achievement. 
10. Celebrating accomplishments is an important part of our school's growth.