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Reading Apps

Apps for reading;


Open eBooks for Apple devices.

Follett Enlight Reader-use this app to access ebooks from Fairview Elementary School library.
Student logins are configured in the following manner:
Usernames = StudentNumber
Passwords = 8 Digit Birthdate as follows -MMDDYYYY

sling Note -allows user to pair browser and notepad or calculator and notepad side by side.

Popplet - sort ideas and collaborate

Bluster - word matching game develops vocabulary and word understanding

abc Pocket Phonics - early reading and writing

Story Wheel - 1-4 players create a story from a picture starter, voice recording, each player builds the story

Reading Rainbow app- award winning, but a bit pricey, this app delivers quality books and virtual field trips (ages 3-9).

From TeachThought online-zine;

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