Education Links

Information on the constellations

Constellation Myths

A link to a document with several myths told about constellations

Code.Org - Coding Games

Computer coding games.  Scroll down to "Fun for Everybody"

Google's Computer Coding Games

Games that teach coding through fun visuals!

Addition Games

Numerous games to practice addition facts 1-12

Free Rice

How can an elementary school student help stop world hunger without asking an adult for money or donations of food? It is easy - Play a Game!    

Khan Academy

Over  3,000 videos on everything from arithmetic to physics, finance, and history and  hundreds of skills to practice!  

Label the Bones

Drag the bone names to the appropriate part of the skeleton.  

Brain Pop

Brainpop is a website with short videos about virtually any topic under the sun!  It's sister site - Brainpop Jr. - is another great resource.  The username is "hominyvalley" and the password is "brainpop".                  

U.S. Mint for Kids

A bunch of fun games to learn about coins made through the U.S. Mint.

Fun Brain Change Maker

Practice making change!

Making Change

Pretend you're working at a store and practice making change for customers!

Time for Kids
Stay updated current events!

National Geographic Learn from Home Activities

Virtual Math Manipulatives

Everything from linker cubes to number lines to dice!