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           Reinforcement in the form of homework goes a long way towards the strengthening of concepts and skills introduced in the classroom.  Additionally, developing the responsibility to plan one’s time and finish the job will be invaluable tool in your child’s future.

          Please check and initial your child’s Assignment Book each and every night.  This is the single best way for you to keep abreast of your child’s daily requirements.  Each night they need to read at least 20 minutes and record their title of their reading.  Please have THEM complete this information!


Homework Tips

1.       Provide a QUIET, UNDISTRACTED study area somewhere in the home where all supplies needed are within reach.  Eliminate T.V., radio, stereo, headphones, baby brothers, and other similar noise makers.

2.      Reach a mutually agreed upon time for study (when and how long) and try to keep this consistent each night.

3.      When your child needs help, first help them establish priorities.  Decide, with their help, upon the order in which to tackle the work.  Plan for a variety.  Discuss about how much time it will take them.  This helps them gain discipline and set goals.

4.      Encourage your child to work efficiently without losing QUALITY.  Remember, quality counts.

5.      If your child finishes ahead of schedule, use the time to accomplish some other school-related subject project.  Reading or writing are always encouraged.  After all, reading is the “key” to all other subjects!

Student behavior promise:
I will be a good SPORT on my Hominy Valley Elementary TEAM because Together Everyone Achieves More!  This is who I am even when no one is looking."