Prime, Composite, Factors, Multiples

Prime and Composite Numbers
Learn Zillion Instructional Video- Determine if a number is prime or composite using area models
Fruit Shoot - Shoot the prime and composite numbers
Factor Lesson - Video 
Factor Game - Try to beat the computer at this game.
Factor Feeder - Hooda Math - Play a game like Pac-Man to find factors of a given number.  
Factors of 24 - Build rectangles to show all of the factors of 24. 
Sorting Factors - Interactive activity 
Bike-Racing Math Factors - Race against some tough competitors by determining factors of numbers.
Math Balloons Factors - Pop balloons by answering true/false questions about factors of numbers.
Math Tank Run Factors -   Complete the tank run by using your number factoring skills to figure out which mine is a dud.  
Factor Bones - Help the puppies get the factor bones they need (slow-paced).
Factor Dogs - Use your factoring skills to get the circus dogs to the right platform (slow-paced).
Fruit Shoot - Find the greatest common factor of two numbers
Not a Factor - In this game, you must hit a number that is not a factor.
Prime Number Calculator - Just enter a number into the box and click on the button that says calculate.
Factor Race Game- Print this game and work in a small group to play. 
Factor Bingo - Printable directions and gameboard
Factor Game Lesson - Teacher lesson and printable game board 
Multiples - Definition