Biomes of the World - Read about rainforests, tundra, taiga, deserts, temperate forests, and grasslands. 
Biomes - The Wild  Classroom
Biomes -  Introductions to many different biomes with printable plants and animal pictures
Why the Ocean Matters - National Geographic video
Marine Ecosystems - Read about shorelines, temperate oceans, and tropical oceans.  
Freshwater Ecosystems - Read about rivers and streams, rivers and ponds, and wetlands.
Temperate Grassland Video - You Tube - pictures and music only
Dive and Discover - Visit the polar regions to learn about the biotic and abiotic factors.
What's a Food Chain? - Simple introduction.  
Earth's Major Life Zones - Video (about 30 min.)
Analyzing an Ecosystem - Interactive - Includes biotic and abiotic factors. 
Ecosystem Concentration - Match key vocabulary with their definitions.
The Habitable Planet - I saved this site for us to use in class. It is a little harder than the others. But of course, you may work on it at home if you choose. That would be great! Focus on the decline of certain plant and animal populations and how humans impact ecosystems.
Food Webs - Includes marine, Antarctic, African, and Australian food webs.
Food Web - Your job is to build a food web
Food Chains and Food Webs - Shows webs from four different biomes. 
Build a Food Web - Scholastic 
Food Chain - printable graphic organizer
Food Chain - another graphic organizer 
What are Food Chains? - Several games at the bottom of this page 
How is Energy Transferred? - Learn about the food chain.
Fun With Food Webs  
Energy Pyramids - Interactive 
Food Chains Song -  To the tune of the Beverly Hillbillies
Food Chains - I Know That 
Ecosystem - graphic organizer
Decomposers - Video
Carnival Parade – Live and Die - Learn about what happens when plants and animals die.
Underwater City - Bacteria - What are these tiny creatures called bacteria?
Jamaica - Fungi - Join Akiel and his father to learn about fungi.
Estuaries - Choose Intermediate and Advanced levels to read more. 
Estuary Education - Main site for information.
Estuary Poster - Scroll over an image to get information about the organism.

What's an Estuary? - Video  
Fun With Food Webs - Create food webs in a meadow, in the arctic, and in a pond.
Food Chain - video from Desert USA
Ocean Food Chain - McGraw Hill video 
Food Chain Video - Teacher's Domain
Working on the Food Chain - See the role of different animals in a food chain.
Chain Reaction - Put a food chain together. Fun
Rags to Riches - What Living Things Need & the Food Chain in a Who Wants to be a Millionaire game format.
Food Chains and Webs - A great site that explain food chains and webs, consumers, producers, and decomposers.
Experiment With This Food Web - Increase or decrease different species and see the direct and indirect effects on other species in the food web.
Energy Pyramid - Harcourt School video 
Ecosystem Organization - My Science Box 
Wetlands - Bill Nye video
Intertital Zone - Information 
Sunlit Zone - Information 
Twilight Zone - Information 
Ocean Habitats - Brain Pop 
Habitats - Brain Pop - Desert, Arctic, Rainforest, Ocean, Forest, Freshwater
Ocean Currents - Video 
Current Capers - Help Herman the Hermit Crab in his new job as a travel agent.
Ocean Scavenger Hunt - Write answers on a piece of paper.  Use websites listed at the bottom of the questions to find the answers.
Science Clips - Forces and Interdependence of Plants and Animals - Short interactive activities. Choose Interdependence and Forces to Correlate with the Fifth Grade curriculum
Habitat Maker - Make your habitats by inserting plants and animals. All animals can be animated and images can be printed.
Habitat Adventure: Panda Challenge - Giant pandas are native to central China. One of the best ways to help protect giant pandas is to protect their habitats. In "Habitat Adventure: Panda Challenge!", you will help make decisions about a fictional forest reserve. You will use binoculars, field guides, a camera, and other tools, as well as talk to local people to help you make the best decisions.  (Choose the Broadband narrated version.)
Symbiosis - printable graphic organizer
Another graphic organizer 
Review Game Zone - Different games with similar questions.
Carbon/Oxygen Cycle - Interactive
Decomposers Song - Mr. Parr 
Food Chain Song - Mr. Parr 
Ecosystems Song - Mr. Parr 
My Biome Song - Mr. Parr 
Build an Online Habitat - Interactive (simple)
What's an Estuary - You Tube video
All About Estuaries - You Tube video. Photographs and music only.
Estuaries -  You Tube video. Photographs and music only.
The Everglades - Slideshow
Food Chains, Webs, and Pyramids - Make me Genius video
Food Web - Bill Nye video