Properties of Matter

Matter - Matter and energy lessons.
Properties of Materials - Discover the interesting characteristics of materials; are they flexible, waterproof, strong or transparent?
States of Matter
Solids, Liquids, Gases - Study Jams
States of Matter -  Video showing how particles are packed
States of Matter - Animations
Solids, Liquids, Gases - Harcourt interactive
Solids, Liquids, or Gases? - Learn about solids, liquids and gases as you experiment with the conditions that change them from one form to another
Gases Around Us - Be sure to click on What's Next to continue the lessons.
Norwegian Fjords - E-Learning - Explore solids, liquids, and gases with Johan.


Denmark – North Sea - E-Learning - Did you know that water has different states?
Norway – Matter and Particles - E-Learning - Help the Viking make his boat move by learning about matter and particles. 
Bermuda Triangle – E-Learning - Particles and Matter
Scotland Kilt Store - E-Learning - Properties of materials - Mr. Wallace needs help in his store sorting materials. 
Physical and Chemical Changes in Matter
Chemical and Physical Changes - Video (Explains atom rearrangement)
Changes in State - Fun interactive website.
Changing State - Can you turn ice into water?
Reversible Changes - Learn about reversible & irreversible changes by testing what happens to different substances as you experiment with them in this fun, interactive activity.
Simple Chemical Reactions - Bill Nye video
Barfing Pumpkin - Chemical change 
Rate of Reactions - Chemical reactions occur at different rates.
Melting and Boiling
Melting Points -  Have fun as you heat and cool various solids and liquids.
Kaap de Goede Hoop - E-Learning - (Cape of Good Hope) - Why do changes in state take place?
Loch Ness – E-Learning - Heating and Cooling of Solids and Liquids
Ice Cream Sha ke - Okay, let's shake things up and turn a liquid into a solid. If you succeed, you'll have a tasty treat to enjoy at the end! Yummm. 
Mixtures and Solutions
Mixtures and Solutions - Study Jams
Mixtures- Study Jams video
Solutions - How diffusion works.
Atlantis - Mixing Solids with Water - Join Kida to find out what happens when you mix solids with water.
Greek Theatre - Substances and Changes - Join Leander in his chemistry lesson.
Weight and Mass
Weight and Mass - Video with Nigel and Martin.
Weight and Mass - Defined
Mass VS Weight - Short animation 
Mass VS Weight - What would you weigh on another planet? Scroll down on this webpage to find out.
Eureka! - Weight vs Mass
Gizmo - Weight and Mass- Use your own username and password to log in to this website. Be sure to print the Lesson sheets before you begin.
Indian Ocean – E-Learning - Mass and Weight - Learn about mass and weight and gravity in space.
Iceland – E-Learning - Mass and Volume Matter - Help Sig measure the mass and volume of objects.
Quizzes and Games
Matter Carts - Interactive game
Matter Millionaire - Play the game.
Mixtures Separating - Mr. Parr 
Changes Song - Cute song about physical and chemical changes at the beach.
Properties of Matter Rap (Justin Beiber's Boyfriend remix) 
Atoms, Elements, and Molecules
Atoms and Molecules - Bill  Nye video
Molecules in Solids - Eureka video
Molecules in Liquids - Eureka video
Molecule Models - Examine 3-D models of common molecules.
Atoms Animation - See the protons, neutrons, and electrons for the first 11 elements.
Common Elements - Click the Next button to advance to the next screen.
Proton Don - Choose an easier level or a harder one and match elements with their symbols.
Chem 4 Kids - Periodic table for Wanted Poster projects.
Interactive Periodic Table - Click on each element to learn more about it.
Sum of the Parts
Sum of the Parts - This activity will help students discover that the total weight of an object is equal to the weight of its individual parts after being disassembled.