Clausen, Michele (4th Grade)

Welcome to Mrs. Clausen's Classroom


Mrs. Clausen  
What professional training and educational background have you had?
  • Mars Hill College-BS in Elementary Education
What makes Fairview such a special place to teach?
  • Parental support and community involvement
What do you like most about teaching at Fairview?
  • Knowing that each and every staff member has the best interest of the students in mind.
How would you describe your classroom?
  • Community based/Safe/Interactive/Flexible
What authors or books inspire you as a teacher?
  • I think about the books that I read as a child (Chronicles of Narnia for example) and hope that the students in my class will discover an author or book that will spark their imagination and give them that love for reading.
What is your favorite quote about education, children and/or learning?
  • "Keep your face to the sunshine and you cannot see a shadow." Hellen Keller
For which classroom projects/events are you known?
  • North Carolina Lighthouses
How does Fairview create 21st century learners who collaborate with others and have a true passion for learning?
  • Classroom environments where students learn with and from each other, professional development for staff members to stay current and up to date on technology and learning styles
In what ways can parents take an active role in your classroom and in their child's learning?
  • Reading with students, assisting with projects that involve technology, field trip volunteers