Herbert, Amanda (School Counselor)

Welcome to Mrs. Herbert's Page
Amanda Herbert
I became a school counselor after working as a high school English teacher for several years in London. I moved back to the United States with my husband and two young children in 2004 and was thrilled to have the opportunity to make a career change at the same time. I completed my Master's in School Counseling from Western Carolina University in 2008, and began working at Fairview in January 2009 as the part-time school counselor. I have loved every aspect of this change and my new career as a school counselor. I divide my time between Fairview and Avery's Creek Elementary.

    What professional training and educational background have you had?

I have a bachelor’s degree in English from the University of Connecticut, and a Master’s of Anglo-American Literature from University College London, England. I worked in publishing for several years while living in England and then decided I wanted to become a teacher. I earned my Post-Graduate Certificate of Education from the Institute of Education in London, England and went on to teach secondary school English in London. Upon moving back to the United States in 2004, I completed my Master’s Degree in School Counseling from Western Carolina University in 2008. 


     What makes Fairview such a special place to teach?

Fairview is a special place in which to work because the level of dedication and professionalism from the staff is the highest I have ever experienced. In addition, I find the students at Fairview to be friendly, inquiring and filled with a love of learning and fun. The combination of caring staff, standards of excellence and wonderful students makes this a special place to be a counselor or teacher!

 What do you like most about teaching at Fairview?

   Fairview is a very well organized and structured school. There is a level of consistency and order that makes being at Fairview easy and pleasant. This added to all of the exceptional qualities of students and staff as noted above is what I like most about Fairview!


    How would you describe your classroom?

When I am teaching Guidance in a classroom I strive to make the classroom as inclusive and relatable as possible for every child in the room. I aim to teach in a fair and supportive environment. The environment of my counseling office is also one of safety and support. I like to think of my office as a place of safety and comfort for students who need a place and support in order to deal with any issue that may present a challenge.


    What authors or books inspire you as a teacher?

There are several books that I enjoy and always learn from (no matter how often I read them) as a school counselor. One such book is  ‘Have You Filled a Bucket Today’  by Carol McCloud. I love sharing this book with students to remind them of the impact we have on others on a daily basis (impacts that can have both negative and positive consequences!). This book, among others, reminds me of the power we all have (as both educators and lifelong learners) to reach other people. This is a message I love to share!


     What is your favorite quote about education, children and/or learning?

             ‘Think left and think right and think low and think high. Oh, the thinks you can think up if only you try!’ (Dr. Seuss). 

‘A person who never made a mistake never tried anything new.’ (Albert Einstein)


  For which classroom projects/events are you known?

I have been part of the PBIS committee this last year and am very happy about the positive changes that this new program will bring to Fairview!    


   How does Fairview create 21st century learners who collaborate with others and have a true passion for l earning?

I believe the high expectations and atmosphere of mutual respect at Fairview helps create and foster an atmosphere conducive to continuous learning and collaboration. Students are shown and taught to value the input of others’ as well as to trust in their own path in learning. I cannot think of a more important way to create 21st century learners who are passionate and collaborative with others.


   In what ways can parents take an active role in your classroom and in their child's learning?

I hope that parents will always feel free to email or call if a need ever arises with their child, be it an emotional, learning or family issue. I work best with parent input and within the knowledge that information should be a two-way street between home and school. This is definitely true within counseling issues as well as others!


  Is there anything else you would like to share about your classroom?

I would just like to state again how open I am to inquiries as to how I can help with any student situations (I work with kindergarten and second graders). Please do not hesitate to contact me if there is anything at all I can do to be of assistance. I am at Fairview on Mondays and Tuesdays every week. This year I am working with kindergarten and second grade!