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At - Home Practice and Enrichment Websites!!

Your child will receive credit for any work done from these websites provided it's not too far below 3rd Grade level.

NCTM Illuminations (Math & Lang. Arts) – Product Game:

Sum Sense Multiplication:

Reading Comprehension- It is widely understood, in educational settings, that being able to sound out words is not an indication of a child's reading ability or level. Many children possess the skills to sound out words, even new words. However, if a child cannot answer questions about what they have read they really haven't "read" the text. Reading ability rises and falls on a student's comprehension of the material, not how well they were able to sound out the words.

There are three levels of comprehension: Literal, meaning your child can answer questions that come directly from the text (e.g. a character's name, the setting, etc.). The next level is Inferencial, meaning your child can infer or answer questions that are merely implied in the text. An example follows: "Tommy's dog was standing at the front door barking. When Tommy went to see, he saw the mailman driving off in his mail truck." The inference is Tommy's dog was barking at the mailman. The third level is called Evaluative, meaning your child knows the text well enough to predict what might happen at the end, finish the story the way they would want it to end, and/or answer questions about how they feel about what they read and why.

So when your child reads at home (and they should be reading at least 20 minutes a night), be sure to ask them questions about what they read in order to help them learn to "read with intentionality."

*AN IMPORTANT NOTE ABOUT HOME READING: Please ensure your son or daughter is reading material on or below his or her level. Many students believe they can boost their reading level by reading books above their ability; THIS WILL NOT WORK! The best way to help your child grow as a reader is to give them books that they can read without anyone helping them; this is called reading at an Independent Level. They should also reread books they've already read. This way you can ask questions they can more readily answer, which will strengthen their reading comprehension, which, in turn, will boost their reading level.