Informational Text Structures

A. Building a Campfire-

Sitting around a campfire is a classic summer camping tradition. Before you can tell scary stories, though, you will need to build your fire. Begin by gathering firewood from around your camp. In addition to wood, you will need other tinder like pine needles, bark, or dead plants to help ignite the fire. Then, dig a small pit for your fire and build a ring of stone around it for maximum safety. Place your wood and tinder into the pit and start the fire using an ignition source such as a match. Once ignited, slightly blow on your flame to build heat. When you have a flame, use larger pieces of firewood to build a teepee. Now sit back and relax in front of your roaring campfire!

1) What text feature was used in this passage?

2) Which words demonstrate the text feature?

3) Use context clues to write a definition of the word "tinder."

4) According to the text, what should you do as soon as your fire is lit?