General Information

If a student is not in school they can't learn! Please make every effort to have your child arrive at school on time and be present for all school days. Arriving at school on time is essential, as it gives students a chance to prepare for the day, get settled, and be ready for a full day of learning. If your child is absent, please remember to send a note (and any accompanying doctor note) explaining the absence. When your child is absent, it is his or her responsibility to inquire about missed work.

Homework and Classwork Policy

Students will be required to read for 100 minutes each week (Monday-Friday).  They will track (book title and time read) their reading in their agenda book.  Each reading session should be verified with a parent signature/initial. Flexibility is built into homework in order for your children to participate in other activities outside of school.  Reading is crucial for success, so although nightly reading is recommended, it is not required.

*Please remember that as we begin multiplication, it is important that students practice daily in order to gain fluency!  This should be added to nightly reading.

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