September 2015

News from room 215 9/11/2015

Posted by Patricia Reynolds-mcknight at 9/11/2015



You will find enclosed today;

Copy of Health Card – I have highlighted anything that needs taking care of. If you are unable to get your child to the eye doctor or afford glasses let me know. I will do a referral to Eblen though our Social Worker. It is really important that students are able to see. Vision is one of our best learning tools.

Personal Narrative Worksheet- Take some time this weekend to work with your child on notes for a specific event this summer. We will be starting their narrative writing next week. This should be a single event – just part of one day. It can be something ordinary like a great trip to a park or fun with a hose in the back yard or it can be the best event of summer vacation. These are just notes so students do not have to use complete sentences. We do a little writing every day. It is an important skill. We will do 4 big pieces of writing that go in students’ portfolios, during the year. This is the first one. Thanks!

Next week is the bus count! If your child is ever going to ride a bus they should do so next week.

Book Fair- I sent home the fliers earlier, so I hope it is already marked on your calendar. We will preview on Tuesday at 1:30. We will have a buying time Wednesday at 12:00, but I will only take students who bring money. If you would rather wait and go with your child the book fair will also be open Thursday night 5:30 to 7:30. It is a lot of fun to choose books with your child and you can also control their purchases then. I encourage you to come out Thursday. I will be here Thursday evening too.

Some students may have let you know I was out last Friday. I was at Dragon Con, in Atlanta. I am rather geeky, if you have not guessed yet.  There will be pictures on my website later next week.

Have a great weekend!