Virtual Days

  • Mrs. Pugh's Office Hours: 1:30-2:30 pm daily
  • Learning Management Systems being used: We will be using Seesaw, Zoom, Epic, Imagine Literacy and Math, and Investigations (
  • All assignments will be sent out each morning by 9:00 am. I will send out instructions via email and on Class Dojo. 
  • Feel free to email or message me with any questions.

SeeSaw App


Daily Assignments 

Students will need to login to this app daily to see assignments.  Each assignment will have the directions listed.   After students complete the task, they will submit their work by clicking the green button. New assignments will be added each virtual learning day.  

Imagine Reading and Math 

Students are familiar with using these 2 Imagine Learning Apps. Students need to login and complete a session (15-20) minutes for each at least 2 times a week.   


To get to these apps, students must log on to their NCED Cloud- IAM accounts using their QR code.  Once students enter their IAM, they open Clever and they will find the Imagine Literacy and Math Apps.   

Raz- Kids App:

Leveled Books & Comprehension 


(Free until 3/29)

Kids A-Z logs students on to a leveled book program called Raz-Kids.  This app is new to students.  Students will need to login to their account to access books.    Once in the app, students can select books at their independent reading level to read on their own or have the book read to them.   After each book, there is a multiple choice quiz.  

Math Investigations App

This app connects students to all our math games.  Playing these games daily for 10-15 minutes will help build number sense.  Some games require recording sheets, which can easily be replaced with a piece of paper.  The directions tab will explain each game.

Current Games (Unit 7):  Build It:  How Many Tens?, How Many Now? Cubes/Ten Frames,  Plus or Minus 10, Roll Tens: 30 Mat (new game),  Greater than or Less Than? (new game)

Review Games: Double Compare (1), Double Compare Dots (1), Fill the Hexagons (2),  Five is a Row 3 Cubes (3), Five in a Row (3), Five in a Row Subtraction (3), Missing Numbers (3),  All Unit 5 Games

Math Tool Apps-

Students may access these apps to explore math manipulatives.  

Additional Reading Apps

Epic is an app with a large collection of books.  Students can search for books they are interested in to read or have read to them.  I may assign book collections for students to explore. To see these collections, students will need to click on the mailbox. is a new app to students.  Students will need to enter our class code, find their name and enter the password, which is 1234.  More information coming on how to use this app.