Skenandore, Roxanne (School Social Worker)

School Social Worker

Roxanne Skenandore, MSW  


School social work is a specialized area of practice within the broad field of social work.  In North Carolina, school social workers are licensed through the Department of Public Instruction.
School Social Work Involves:
* Identifying & addressing student & family needs
* Promoting communication between school, home, community agencies
* Collaborating with & supporting school staff
* Assisting students, parents, school staff to access community resources
* Establishing partnerships with community resources
* Providing crisis intervention, safety planning, conducting threat/risk assessments
* Providing supportive counseling to parents, students & school staff
* Helping to engage parents in their children's educational program
* Meetings: IEP, FBA, parent/teacher conferences, attendance conferences, CFT, CHAPS
* Identifying and working with homeless families
* Linking parents/students with resources in & outside of the school setting.
* Home visits: supportive outreach to parents & students
* Helping monitor student attendance: send out attendance letters, follow up parents,
   consult with teachers to identify barriers impacting a child's academic success and developing
   an attendance intervention plans
* Helping parents identify basic daily living needs: housing, food, financial, clothing,
   school supplies etc...linking parents/students with the appropriate community resources
* And ETC........ Your school social work is your go to Student & Family Support Person!


For more information about School Social Work, please visit the North Carolina School Social Workers'Association website at or the School Social Work of America Association at


Need a Helping Hand?

Everyone needs a helping hand in one way or another at some 
time. There are several resources that I frequently refer 
families to when needs arise. I have listed a few of these below, 
but there are many more services available that are not listed 
here. (See 211 information at the bottom)
ABCCM 259-5300
ABCCM Medical Clinic  259-5339
American Red Cross  258-3888
Asheville Housing Authority  251-5054
Buncombe County DSS  250-5500
Buncombe County Health Dept. 250-5000
Eblen Charities   255-3066
Goodwill Career Center  298-9023
Helpmate (dom. viol. hotline 254-0516
Juvenile Justice   225-7330
Mobile Crisis   1-888-573-1006
Motherlove    254-7206 ext 116
Mountain Area Job Link 250-4761
Mountain Mobility   258-0186
On Track Financial Services 255-5166
Pisgah Legal Services  253-0406
Salvation Army   253-4723
Swannanoa Valley Christian Min. 669-9404
Valley Child Development Center 686-7800
WNC Community Health Services 285-0622
Western Carolina Rescue Min. 254-0471
You can dial 211 for a free community referral service. It is 
available 24 hours a day and it can be accessed by computer at:
* Call me if you would like my assistance, Work Cell Phone #: (828) 775-2195 
Roxanne :)