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Advisory Council Members 2023-2024

School Principal: Bonnie Bolado, PTA/PTO President: Cristy Brunner, Teacher Representative: Jennifer Gourtney, Lay People Approved by the Board of Education: Jennifer Simms, Amber Palladino, Alesha Haley, Abby Bell, Jennifer Lingle, Staphany Fields, Kelli Vecchione

Buncombe County Schools Board Policy 301


Members of the Board of Education have a sincere commitment to the concept of citizen involvement in the Buncombe County Schools. We believe that the people want good schools, that they have reasonable ideas about the things the schools should do, and that they are willing to help the schools attain established goals. A purpose of the advisory structure is to provide informed advice to the school authorities.

The Advisory Councils might discuss and advise on such matters as human relations, school facilities, school activities, community/Board of Education relations, and/or other matters related to the individual schools. Such advice to the Board can be given in the form of minutes maintained at meetings, written in such a way as to show the consensus of the Advisory Council; by direct communication to the Board members, individually or collectively, by correspondence or telephone; or by a written report presented at a regularly scheduled Board meeting.

Each elementary school Advisory Council is to be made up of the following:

1. The P.T.A./P.T.O. president (if co-presidents are elected by the P.T.A./P.T.O., both shall be members of the Advisory Council, but each will have one-half vote).

2. One teacher elected by the school’s teachers.

3. Three lay people approved by the Board of Education from a pool of applicants based upon recommendation from the principal.

4. The school principal, as an ex-officio member, shall be the secretary and record the minutes. The principal's office shall forward the minutes by email to the Superintendent's office, where the minutes shall be kept. The Superintendent's office shall forward the minutes to the Board of Education members.

Fairview Elementary's Advisory Council meeting dates for the remainder of this school year can be found on our website calendar.