Dads' Club

The FES Dads' Club is a voluntary group of dads that are dedicated to the help achieve the mission of getting dads more involved with their children and in Fairview Elementary School.  

The club was founded in 2013, and launched the first "Donuts with Dad" event.  With over 300 dads showing up to have breakfast with their children and spend about 45 minutes with them before class, it was evident that there was a huge need in our community for such offerings. Since that time, Donuts with Dad has changed some, but continues to be a staple for the club now known as Daybreak with Dad and takes place 4 times per school year.  

In addition, the Dads' Club has raised money and been involved in the school through various dad / children activities.  Some include the annual Daddy Daughter Dance, dads reading in the classroom to support the school's reading initiative, Mom's Night Out events where moms get a "kid free" night, hot breakfast cooked by dads and served by the children, and more.  With the funds raised, the club gives back to the school in various ways that again include a dad / child activity.  Some examples of this are stand up desks that were assembled together then donated to the classroom, buddy benches that were assembled together then placed in the school playgrounds to encourage kids to reach out to others looking for a buddy, funding the stage area of the new playground, and more.

There are also many opportunities for connecting throughout the year with family gatherings, dads connecting as a group by themselves, going to events such as local games or concerts together etc.  The goal of each gathering is to live the journey of young families we are all on together and unite to be better and stronger dads in our homes and in Fairview Elementary School.

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Mission Statement:

The Dads’ Club at Fairview Elementary School is dedicated to providing our time, energy, effort and support so that we may build stronger relationships with our children and other children in our community, and so that we may also demonstrate our ongoing support  of their education.